Task 3.3 Update

UPDATE: http://youtu.be/koSIq5BzXi8

While catching up with the late night news, E! featured a story around this commercial by Lane Bryant, and as soon as I saw it- boom. Thank you universe for working in great ways.

I’ll be analyzing the intertextuality of Lane Bryan’s #ImNoAngel campaigne/commercial. I’ll finalize an offical worksheet like I did for the ones with my failed FRIENDS (see below). For starters, just by the name of the campaign the audience connects the bash at Victoria Secret “Angel”‘s, seeing intertextuality at play. 

More to come. 


One thought on “Task 3.3 Update

  1. Kelsey, don’t look at it as a setback. It’s part of the process. Better that you’re now finding something that you can explore with real curiosity, than just forcing something that doesn’t feel right to you.

    I didn’t yet watch the video, but I’m assuming it’s a play off the unrealistic body image ideals from VS?

    If there’s not enough there to write a full essay on, you might also consider expanding your topic to “new commercials that empower women.” Just like the first essay, find 2-3 new-ish commercials so that you can compare how each uses intertextuality to change the conversation about women. I’m thinkin about the Always “like a girl” campaign, which twists the derogatory expression of “you throw like a girl” and turns it into something positive. I’m sure there are others you could find, also?



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