Blog Post #1

Focuses for semester’s research, studies, and project

My heart is naturally drawn towards researching and writing about things I already have an interest in. As a yoga instructor, I love teaching and practicing yoga along with the world of benefits that follows. I am not sure how to relate yoga and central florida together… yet. But it’s a possibility.

Another one of my main passions is veganism and universal compassion. Similar to yoga, how do we relate veganism and central florida? While I would still have to connect a few more ideas together… downtown Orlando, Lake Eola, Mills, ext., seem to have become hubs for farmers markers, food trucks, art shows, and vegan eats. It would be cool to talk and write about the different “vibes” or styles Orlando is beginning to cater itself to, rather than just Disney and Mickey Mouse.

I have another huge passion for the outdoors, so studying Orlando’s nature scenes could be cool. While it is no Rocky Mountains, the trails I have found out here, I love and spend much time connecting with the earth out in the trails.

I know we have to relate something in Central Florida to something outside of Central Florida and one final thought I just had as I am typing this out is…

Coming from South Florida, Boca Raton, and moving to Central Florida, Orlando, it is almost comical how different the two worlds are of those who live in Central Florida vs those living in South Florida. I have heard before that “Florida could be divided into 3 states” and for more than one reason. Not only is the terrain and climate different, but the attitudes and dialects of the people are different. It would be interesting to look deeper into this topic.

From a writers standpoint, I low-key suck at narrowing in on a topic. It usually takes me a few tries until I feel super comfortable with what I have.

This is a really awesome article my ENC1102 teacher shared with me. I see it being of use if I look into studying Orlando’s revival in the midst of Disney.


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