Documentary Proposal

Approaching my one year- animal protein free- anniversary, it is absolutely incredible how much I have grown and learned in the last year as I navigate what I thought would have been uncharted territory.. veganism. Veganism is a tricky thing when talking to the pubic about it, because before they listen, most often times, they are already turned off. Many people not only lack the value of nutrition, but also think vegans are conceded salad eaters. Having first hand experience in “figuring out the whole vegan thing”, I have developed a strong passion in regards to both nutrition and world compassion.

Having being vegetarian for only a few weeks before dropping egg and dairy products, I have spent the majority of my time as a vegan, living in the Central Florida area… AKA I know all the good spots. I have had to learn from trial and error, make my own ways up, and continually learn more about this lifestyle choice from online forums and other personal experiences/knowledge.

I would like to propose a documentary focused on not only educating my audiences on nutrition and veganism, but also to showcase Central Florida’s many vegan options, and whats becoming quite the central florida “vegan” scene. From farmers markets to all vegan restaurants, Orlando’s got it all. In my documentary, I will be able to give some insight to what a vegan lifestyle looks like and offer nutritious, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly places to grub in and around Downtown Orlando.

Some questions I would like this documentary to answer:

What has caused this vegan trend to flourish throughout Orlando?

Why/Are outsiders drawn to the “vegan vibe”? For example, many non vegans will still eat at all vegan restaurants and shop at farmers markets/Veg Fest.

Why are people so scared of veganism? I already know the answer… miseducation/misinformation.

I hope to not only answer those questions, but to explore and dive even deeper. I have such a passion for vegan lifestyles and happy to educate and share what I know to others.

One important component I want to focus on when it comes to speaking about veganism, is that I want to get audiences attention on health and nutrition, rather than animal rights and slaughterhouses.

I am not entirely sure I know who I would interview yet, but off the bat, I think it might be cool to interview some employees of the vegan restaurants (to see what kind of crowd they draw) and obviously vegans and non vegans.

I want to make this documentary because I am inspired by the vegan lifestyle and think so many people need to be re-educated on the matter.




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