Blog Post #3

This was my first time using and encountering the Mosaic interface. I was a bit confused at first, not really sure of how this thing worked or why it was “different” than other databases. From playing around and taking the Scavenger Hunt, I was able to further my understanding and grasp of Mosaic.

When searching for my own terms, I was originally unable to get any results. I was searching terms like, “veganism, vegan, whole foods, natural eating, natural restaurants”. I continued to not get results and I was getting a bit frustrated. Initially, I thought this wasn’t going to be helping me at all.

I then started searching terms and subjects such as, “vegetable, fruit, nutrition” and I was able to see results. When navigating through the searches and tags, I was still feeling a bit jipped. My results were interesting, a census of fruits and vegetables grown and produced in Oviedo in the early 1900s, but completely irrelevant to my project and research.

I took your comment on my last blog post in to account. You asked me why my documentary would be different if I am not focusing on animal rights. I want to focus on nutrition and eating wholesome foods, NOT not eating animals. See the difference? With that being said, I would like to focus my documentary on “how easy and accessible it is to be vegan in Orlando”.

So, while the census and searches were informative and interesting to me, they did not really help me out with current times. I will be highlighting Orlando’s amazing vegan restaurants and cafe’s and I couldn’t find much info or sources on Mosaic in regards to the restaurants I have in mind.

I have full intent of coming back to this database and search around some more, and hopefully by playing around with my word choice for my searches I will be able to find some more relevant, current, sources to compliment my project and research.


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